Potential projects for PKI.JS

This is a list of potential projects that would benefit from PKI.js, can you think of any others that would be interesting?

  1. Adding signing, time-stamping and verifying support to pdf.js.
  2. Creating a smime.js on email.js that provides signing, verifying, encryption, decryption of S/MIME.
  3. Creating a CAdES library for web pages.
  4. Adding signature support to web document management solutions.
  5. Adding encrypted mail support in webmail offerings.
  6. Building a usable and modern certificate based authentication solution using web markup for credential selection.
  7. Creating a rich user experience for the short-lived certificates providing temporary access via SSH and TLS.

With some changes the libraries could be used in server side projects:

  1. Creating an OCSP responder based on node.js.
  2. Creating a simple CA on node.js

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