Using Monitis to monitor OCSP and CRL performance

Earlier I did a post on the performance of revocation repositories, in that I used the Monitis do some basic bench-marking for repository performance.

They have a cool feature that allows me to create a public monitoring portal on one of my own domains, I have created two:

  1. OCSP Performance
  2. CRL Performance

It also looks like CloudFlare (one of our CDN partners), the ones we are working with to get these great numbers have also done a blog post on what we are doing here – cool stuff!



2 thoughts on “Using Monitis to monitor OCSP and CRL performance

  1. Kouett'

    Nice results.
    The peering with China isn’t so bad, it’s even at the top among the different OCSP providers.
    Anyway, since China is hidden behind a Great FireWall (I tested it one month ago), I don’t think it’s fair to give China’s results the same weight as other regions’ one. It’s still nice to get the result anyway.
    The dashboard is dynamic, so unchecking China is possible, and reveals that DigiCert and GoDaddy are getting closer.


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