Wanted: Senior Software Engineer (Back-End) [Manila]

Title: Senior Software Engineer / Lead

Location: Manila

Languages: English


Who we are

GlobalSign was formed in 1996 as one of the Internet’s original trust service providers (you probably know us as a Certificate Authority). Over the years we have issued millions of digital certificates that have been used to secure commerce and communication on the Internet. Our solutions take the pain out of using cryptography and help organizations solve complex problems with increased productivity and peace of mind.


What we’re going to do

The web has changed a lot since 1996 but how we bootstrap trust on it has not changed much – we are going to fix that.


Who we’re looking for

We are building a small engineering team here in the Seattle area and another in Manila and need senior developers who are passionate about security and building technology for the modern web.

In this role you’ll write high-performance web services, core security subsystems, key management solutions, architect new solutions that make certificate and key management a breeze and interact with the open source community.

Most importantly, you’ll be a leader – writing groundbreaking code that continually changes and influences the industry.


Skills & Experience

  • Architecting, designing and implementing core services, processes and technologies that provide reliability, high availability, performance and scalability.
  • Extensive experience with database design and deployment.
  • Experience with applied cryptographic concepts such as certificates, certificate chains, and key management with a healthy interest in their XML and JSON counterparts.
  • Experience designing highly interactive web applications with performance, scalability, usability, and security in mind.
  • Experience developing software on Unix/Linux.
  • Love your version control (Git preferably).
  • Understanding of security risks and secure software development.
  • Enjoys prototyping and iterating stuff.
  • Bonus points for speaking Japanese.


Required Qualifications

  • 5 years dynamic / scripting language programming, with background in C/C++ systems programming preferred.
  • 5 years of experience with database administration, support, optimizations and monitoring.
  • 5 years of design and development of extremely high volume, high availability applications and systems.
  • 2+ years experience in Systems Engineering / Administration with firm understanding of *nix architecture.
  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals (data structures and algorithms).
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent experience. Engineering or related discipline highly recommended.
  • Awesomeness trumps all other requirements.


If this sounds like it could be you, send us a CV and some examples of the work that you’re most proud of.


GlobalSign is an equal opportunity employer with locations all over the world. Aside from being a great place to work we offer an excellent benefit package that includes Health, Dental, 401k, Life Insurance, and a generous time off and holiday schedule.

All applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status; medical condition, disability; or any other legally protected status.


Keywords: Authentication, Authorization, Fraud, TCP/IP, load balancing, reverse-proxies, production web scaling, high-availability, high-volume web services, distributed systems and programming language design, Openssl, Bouncy Castle

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