Setting HTTP headers with OpenSSL and the OCSP test client

So I have been doing some OCSP performance bench-marking the last few weeks, one of the things we noticed while doing this is that OpenSSL does not set the HOST header when sending requests.

This is a problem when interacting with a OCSP responder that is on a shared host (a virtual host), without it the web-server doesn’t know which instance to send the request to. You can work around this by using the “-header” command, for example:

openssl ocsp -noverify -no_nonce -respout ocspglobalsignca.resp -reqout ocspglobalsignca.req -issuer globalsigng2.cer -cert -url “” -header “HOST'” “”

You need to ensure the HOST header is set consistently with the host contained in the -url switch but it works.


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